Wake Me Up at Parkhouse
Some Tidbits
Forked avocado on toast ... 7.25
Fresh Fruit Plate...6.25
House made Daily Muffin...5.95
House made peanut butter toast...5.50
Grilled bagel with house smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion & a tomato basil salsa 
Full order...15.50/Half order ... 8.95 G*
PH chicken and pancetta gravy with grilled focaccia bread Full order...12.95/Half order... 7.75
Hot porridge baked with brown rice, oats, pineapple and maple. Served with lo-fat milk... 8.75
...all served with house mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes, Bread & Cie french white toast.
(PH preserves available upon request)
Traditional breakfast of two eggs any style ... 10.50
Traditional breakfast of two eggs any style & apple-smoked bacon ... 11.75 G*
Traditional breakfast of two eggs any style & homemade chicken sausage ... 13.25 G*
Traditional breakfast of two eggs any style & grilled Portuguese sausage ... 13.50 G*
Traditional breakfast of two eggs any style & veggie sausage ... 11.50

Tres egg scrambles
...all served with house mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes, Bread & Cie french white toast.
(PH preserves available upon request)
House Smoked Salmon cream cheese and capers... 15.95 G*
Broccoli, spinach, green beans, green bell pepper, and zucchini 12.25 G*
Chili crusted tofu, fresh basil and Asiago cheese…..12.00 G*
Apple-smoked bacon, tomato and cheddar… 13.50 G*
Fresh spinach, artichoke hearts and feta cheese… 12.95 G*
Spicy serrano peppers, cilantro, tomato and smoked mozzarella 12.25 G*
(add carnitas... 3.95)
Portuguese sausage, apple-smoked bacon, carnitas, pepperoncini, red onion and cheddar cheese ...14.95G*
PH chicken sausage, mushrooms, spinach and parmesan... 13.50 G*
Soy Chorizo, red onion, Serrano peppers and topped with Cotija cheese and cilantro... 13.00 G*
Spicy pork Chorizo, red onion, tomato, Serrano peppers topped with Cotija cheese and cilantro… 13.75
Way Wild & Wicked Breakfast
PH Benedict … 16.25
Two poached eggs, apple-smoked bacon and tomato atop grilled focaccia. Topped with avocado hollandaise served with house mashed potatoes. (sub. carnitas or chicken sausage 3.50 smoked salmon 4.00)
Southwest Crab Benedict … 17.95
Two poached eggs, homemade crab cake and tomato atop grilled focaccia. Topped with a California Chili hollandaise served with roasted potatoes.
Cowboy Benedict…17.95 G*
Two poached eggs, 4oz grilled flat iron steak and tomato atop grilled focaccia. Topped with house made roasted Poblano chili Hollandaise.
Chilaquiles (chi-leh-keel-les)…13.75 G*
(RED) Crispy tortillas, house made red chili sauce, sautéed and topped with two eggs any style. Topped with onions, cilantro, a black bean fritter and Cotija cheese. 
(add carnitas, smoked chicken, chicken sausage or chorizo for 3.95)
(GREEN) Crispy tortillas, house made tomatillo salsa, sautéed and topped
with two eggs any style. Topped with onions, cilantro and Cotija cheese.
(add carnitas, smoked chicken, or chorizo for 3.95)
Roasted Polenta Cake … 13.25 G*
Topped with diced tomato and feta cheese with homemade tomatillo salsa and two eggs any style.
Spicy Homemade Turkey Chorizo…13.95
with a scrambled egg, roasted potatoes and fresh tomatoes. Served with a flour tortilla or corn tortillas
Pan-fried Linguini and Egg…14.25
with fresh basil, Roma tomatoes and feta cheese. Served with grilled focaccia. 
(add bacon…3.50 add salmon…5.00)
Grilled Breakfast Pizza…14.95
Baked with three eggs any style, apple-smoked bacon and topped with a blend of fontina/mozzarella cheese on our house made pizza dough.
(add smoked chicken/Portuguese sausage/carnitas.. 3.95 smoked salmon…5.00)
Stir-fried Rice Bowl…14.25
with Portuguese sausage, roasted yams, scallions, soy sauce and scrambled eggs. (sub turkey or tofu)
Blue Cornmeal Flapjacks…12.25
Served with whipped butter and Maple syrup blend.
Sun-dried Berry Pancakes…13.25
Topped with house made raspberry sauce and served with whipped butter.
Challah bread stuffed French Toast…14.95
Stuffed with Nutella and Mascarpone cheese and served with whipped butter and Maple syrup blend.
Churro Pancake ...13.95
Topped with cinnamon, sugar and sweetened condensed milk.
Pumpkin and Spice Pancakes…12.50
Served with whipped butter and Maple syrup blend.
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes…13.50
Topped with house made blueberry sauce and whipped butter.
 Texas French Toast Combo…13.95
Two pieces of Texas toast, two eggs any style and two pieces of apple Smoked bacon. 
(sub Portuguese sausage or house made chicken sausage…3.95)
Pancake Combo…14.50
One pancake of your choice, two eggs any style and two pieces of apple smoked bacon.
(Sub. Portuguese sausage or house made chicken sausage…3.95)

Scrumptious Sandwiches and Salads
(or one refreshing salad)
....all sandwiches are served with an option of homemade fries, house mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes or salad.
Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich … 14.75
with sharp cheddar cheese, greens, tomato and house made pesto on French white bread.… go meatless... 11.25
Parkhouse Club Sandwich … 15.75
Fresh oven baked turkey breast, apple-smoked bacon, aged cheddar, tomato, greens and mayo on grilled Texas toast. G*
Parkhouse BLT … 13.75 
Apple-smoked bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, sun-dried tomato mayo on grilled Texas toast. (add avocado...2.25)
Parmesan and Cilantro Crusted Avocado Sandwich…12.25 
With red onion and tomato on French white bread ( add turkey breast 3.50 or bacon 3.00)
Big Ole Fat Spicy Green Chili Chicken Burger… 13.95
with tomato, grilled onion, green chilies, Habanero cheese and chipotle mayo on our homemade bun.
Lamb Burger…14.95 
with Kalamata olive tapenade, gorgonzola cheese and sun-dried tomato mayo on a brioche bun.
The Real Thang Beef Burger…13.95 
Aged cheddar cheese, tomato, pickles, greens, onion and mayo on a brioche bun.
(get dirty with a fried egg and bacon...4.25)
Caesar Salad…6.95/10.95 
With house made croutons and parmesan cheese.
( add 4 fire shrimp…6.00 add smoked salmon5.00 add grilled chicken... 4.00)
Retro Chicken Salad... 13.95 
with iceberg lettuce, apple-smoked bacon, avocado, and tomato topped with house made Serrano ranch.
PH Salad...11.75 
Mixed greens tossed with toasted almonds, cherry tomatoes, and goat cheese dressed with our house made raspberry vinaigrette
(add grilled shrimp...5 add grilled chicken...4 add grilled 6oz. flat iron steak 7)

Parkhouse*G= Can be prepared gluten free, additional $1.50
All of our food is made fresh to order. If time is of the essence, please inform your server so that we can better serve your needs.
There is a split plate charge of 3.00 for all single shared entrees. Let us cater your next party... Inquire within. Cheers!!
Parkhouse Coffee Bar
PH Blend Coffee...3.75
… add an extra shot for .75
Mexican Mocha...4.50
Mexican Hot Chocolate...4.25
Hot Caramel Milk...4.25
Hot Teas
Chamomile/ Madagascar Vanilla/ Irish Breakfast/
Jasmine green tea/ Decaf apricot…..4.75
Juice Bar
Orange Juice / Grapefruit Juice / Cranberry Juice
V-8 Cocktail / Unfiltered Apple Juice...3.95
Adult Beverages
Tamarindo Michelada 7.50
Traditional Michelada 7.00
Bloody Mary…6.75
BLT Bloody 7.50
Sangria (white or red)…6.50
Dos Equis bottle…4.00
Corona bottle…4.00

Ph Mimosa7.50
PH Sunrise7.95
Peach Perfect8.25
Blueberry Stand8.25     
Pink goddess8.40
Flight of bubbles17.50
Sodas... Etc.
PH cooler…4.75
(orange juice and raspberry puree)
House made Lemonade 3.50
Iced Tea 3.75
Sodas 2.95
(Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr.Pepper, Strawberry Fanta, Orange Fanta)
Beers on Tap
We carry local micro brew beers that change often
Ask your server for most current suds
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